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Bear Cake. . .

Polar Bear Cake How-To ~ using an round pan and four cupcakes. plus a Marshmallow Frosting Recipe - surround with Coca-Cola items for a cute winter arrangement

Ducky Dinner Rolls - easy to make with this tutorial

It's Written on the Wall: {Rhodes Rolls for Easter} Make Bunnies, Chicks, Doves, Ducks, Cinna-Bunnies and More Edible Creations - how fun!

Bunny Rolls

Cute Easter bunny bread rolls - use your favorite raised yeast roll recipe, and shape them like eggs, then poke two holes for eyes and pinch the ears up. Let rise, re-poke the eye holes if needed, and bake.

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls - circular rolls (uses pumpkin roll recipe) are cut on edges. An indentation is made and baked. They are brushed with butter and a sliced pecan is inserted as a stem. for Halloween/thanksgiving or fall dinner!