Happy little sushi roll

Happy little sushi roll c:

How to care for a sad person ♥aww this is so cute - defo a big bro and lil sis scenario

Baloon fish gets booped

Baloon fish gets booped

Baloon fish gets booped<< I think that's a puffer fish

Biggest Sandwich Ever

Biggest Sandwich Ever - The best funny pictures

When I want to join in on the fun...<<—— same here...

Raised By Collies, This Lamb Thinks She Is A Dog cute animals dogs adorable dog animal pets gifs gif lamb funny animals funny pets

Just like DaVinci's paintings

When I first saw this I didn't see the second part of the image so I tested the gun thing then scrolled down and read the rest of the image.i totally fell for it and after that i laughed like an idiot

The world around you – Community – Google+

(gif) The Double Backflip To A Flying Reverse Tuck

Double, Mirror, T-Shirt, Love/Hate, awesome!

Someone go tell Poseidon...

and I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight.

Töbe bismillah

Turn your phone upside down

Yarın tatil lan :D

Post Essa cara me lembra muito alguém !



Hump day drollness – A rib tickling collection of pictures - PMSLweb

Ay korkunç

Ay korkunç