Cappadocia, Turkey

Read More About Cappadocia, Turkey . I believe the people living in these at the end of the last ice age survived the monster flare that took thousand years ago. It destroyed of species.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Suleymaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii, on the Third Hill with a ferries on the banks of the Golden Horn in the foreground, Istanbul Turkey.

Pamukkale, Turkey ❤ Reiseausrüstung mit Charakter gibt's auf

Pamukkale, Turkey Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water

Türkische Hefeteigbrötchen mit Schafskäsefüllung: Pogaca

Türkische Hefeteigbrötchen mit Schafskäsefüllung: Pogaca

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For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the hot springs and carbonate mineral terraces (travertines) of Pamukkale, in southwestern Turkey. The name means "cotton castle" in Turkish and indeed looks like a scene from a fairy tale.