Melissa Cetin
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Dans les rues d’Amsterdam, au-dessus d’un bâtiment typique en brique, se trouve cette boite noire mystérieuse baignée de lumière, à l’intérieur de laquelle

Possible solution to making rooftop outdoor space occupiable during winter. It could be a sunroom during the winter and open air patio during summer.

Muuto's Unfold Pendant Lamps in black and blue match the rest of the colorful interior. The counter is made from layered plywood sheets and features movable metal baskets to display merchandise. A magnetic blackboard lists the menu of the day.

I love the shelving! Great idea to free up bench space! I certainly wouldn't be selling candy in my cafe though! Only home made treats :-) (Mundvoll Cafe & Grocery Store in Germany)

Funky way to have lots of plants. Also love the natural lighting

Not the vibe we're going for, but the idea of a raised space that can separate a casual space (w/ couches, snacks, etc.) from work space could be interesting.