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Degerler egitimi

nice craft - include the dua for entering the Masjid and exiting the masjid


Eid al-Fitr is about the spirit of giving. Save this gift-wapping idea for family and friends, or even a Secret Eidi exchange. The mosque motif on these presents can be regarded as a nod to Eid prayers that happen in the morning.


Beautiful Muslimah: Decorating, crafts, gifts, and baking ideas for Ramadan and the two Eids

Reaching for the Moon: Make a Button Collage

Make a button moon collage

My son is one of those children who wants the moon to come down and play with him. In an attempt to fulfill his wish, we made a button moon collage together.


Want a sweet ending to your Eid al-Fitr feast? Children and adults alike will love breaking open these festive paper crackers -- each one is filled with tiny treats including candy coins, date balls, and nougat.

Reaching for the Moon: Make a Button Collage || Simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to study astronomy

Make a button moon collage