Smoke bush - this is a wonderful bush for the garden.  The blooms are very airy, thus the name "smoke" bush.  Also changes colors with the seasons

Common Names: Purple smoke bush, smokebush, smoketree, purple smoke tree. Zones Size & Shape: Purple smoke bush grows to a size of tall and wide. It is irregular to rounded. Exposure: Grow purple smoke bush in full sun.

Great Garden Chairs

Upcycle old tires into stools / grass planters. I would consider doing this if my yard was concrete and needed more green. (How does one mow stools?

Deck inspiration :-)

Dream Decks

Pretty Curved Bench Built-in planters and side tables flank this deck dominated by a curved bench. The bench is constructed from green clear cedar planks, and the planters are made from tongue-and-groove cedar.

Hamburg, Germany

○ Badenixe (bathing beauty): Giant Mermaid Statue in Alster Lake Hamburg, Germany by Oliver Voss

Outdoor aquarium

For all your pond fish and aquarium needs instore and online! UK leading retailer for pond pumps, filters, lighting, coldwater fish and water features.


criss-crossing rills, sculpted in granite slabs, run down to the shadow pool Tom Hoblyn’s Homebase Cornish Memories Garden / Chelsea 2011

moss walls

Drawing Inspiration From Vacation: A Coastal-Themed Garden


Relaxing Backyard And Garden Waterfalls- Love, love, love this idea! Even one would make an outdoor space perfect!

made from old shovels!

Giant Pine Cones from Old Shovel Blades

Large pine cone made from shovel heads.Large shovel head pine cones by sculptor Patrick Plourde

Angel gate at Birtsmorton Court

Garden gate - the angel - photo by Charlotte Weychan. At Birtsmorton Court - UK. Gate by blacksmith Michael Roberts --- *Note the honeysuckle to the right. Pun- It's a garden angel ;

Sprout a Couch #gardening

Grow a Couch

Sprout a Couch, you can literally grow your own lawn furniture. ReadyMade has instructions on how to grow an outdoor couch. How awesome would this be?

mosaic pathway

Natural stone pebbles are a fantastic material for yard landscaping and designing beautiful garden with unique and fabulous paths created with beach pebbles. River or beach pebbles are great for […]

Zen fountain garden

So Many Pretty Things : theBERRY

box gardens - growing rocks and grass! Coolest idea ever for a back yard garden.