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Only Coders will understand the pure sadness that looms over u when ur code isnt working and the extreme joy, happiness and relief when it finally works (as well as the dread when u have 2 mins left and u need to indent the whole of ur code due to the las

How to Find Serial Key Of Any Software

How to Find Serial Key Of Any Software You can check out my website for a varity of software, & seo/social media services.

Linux 101 Hacks

I’m happy to announce the release of the Edition of my Linux 101 Hacks eBook. This eBook is totally free. There are total of 101 hacks in this book tha

Python Regular Expressions

Couldn’t find one of these, so I whipped one up. Bit of restructured text: Install some Python packages: Invoke Get a nice PDF out: Python regular expression cheatsheet (click th…