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there are many different types of knives and combs on the table with words that read, i'm charging my crystals - 3 a
a painting of a woman holding a knife in her hand with wires all over her body
two children are sitting on the ground and one is wearing a gas mask while the other holds a teapot
Tattoo, Cutw, Naoko, Excalibur, Tama, Funky Art
a drawing of a teddy bear chained to a chain with a heart in it's mouth
☆ apostelesma ☆
there is a cross stitch picture with hearts around it and an image of a smiling tooth
two men dressed in black standing next to each other with their arms up and hands out
the logo for hello bayhomel with a cat on it's head
a drawing of a room with a bed and toys
two creepy dolls standing in front of trees
lostfish, twins, dark art, art girls, black
a black cat sitting on top of a pink frame