Regular circular form, composed of rhombuses (equilateral parallelograms) and squares. Not all the forms are toned in a consistend way.

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Solidworks Exercise 1  Solidworks Exercise 2 Solidworks Exercise 3   Solidworks Exercise 4 Solidworks Exercise 5  Rod / Shaft Support: Shafts, too, are a basic, important and very common machine element. A shaft is usually designed to perform a specific task in a specific machine. In general, a rotating member used for the transmission of power is called shaft. A shaft known variously as a DRIVESHAFT, TAILSHAFT or CARDAN SHAFT (and sometimes as a JACK SHAFT). It is used to transmit power...

AutoCAD Freestyle is built on the AutoCAD platform and is compatible with AutoCAD’s DWG file format. This means that in AutoCAD Freestyle you can open a file created in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT add sketches,

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