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two bottles of beer sitting next to each other
The Hoppy Trinity
Label design for "The Hoppy Trinity" Triple IPA. This beer is a product of collaboration of two craft breweries: RazBeerbriga and BeerCuz, both from Novi Sad, Serbia. It’s a special limited edition, created for the Holiday season. Inspiration for this design comes from the name of the product. Hoppy Trinity is obviously a playful wordplay on Holy Trinity, being that three types of hops are used here.
an elephant is shown on the front of a bottle label for elefante rojo
Elefante Rojo – Gin made artisan
Red elephant is a gin that symbolizes loyalty, family and good luck, with a friendly and warm character, represented by the gray giant.
the label for hoppy trinity triple tea, with an ornate border and red ribbon
The Hoppy Trinity
a wedding card with flowers and leaves on top of white fabric, surrounded by silk
Elegant Morris-Inspired Victorian Vintage Wedding Invitation
Discover the enchantment of a Victorian-themed wedding with this elegant invitation, inspired by the legendary designer William Morris. During the Victorian era, weddings were more than mere ceremonies; they symbolized the unity and growth that binds two lives together. The intertwined greenery and florals in this design reflect these timeless themes, embracing typical Art Nouveau and Belle Époque influences. William Morris was a leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
a bottle of wine is shown on a black background
Fot-Li vermut
inspired by the “modernisme” art movement, Catalan Art Nouveau, of the l890s.
an advertisement for hendrick's gin, with flowers and birds around it
Hendrick's Gin
an open box with a red snake on it
an ornate wedding card with flowers and feathers next to it on a wooden table top
Romantic Art Nouveau-Inspired Wedding | Rebecca Schoneveld Gown|a&bé bridal shop
a bottle of booze on a black background
Compass Box Rogues' Banquet Scotch Whisky
a bottle of don papaa masskir next to a box
a bottle of don pai mashkaki with an elaborate design on it
Don Papa Masskara Rum
Don Papa Masskara Rum on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
a book with an ornate design on the cover
Thinking Tree Spirits
an ornate wedding card with flowers and feathers on it, sitting next to some other items