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Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

The scene when they're talking about how the dog isn't moving was written in about ten minutes and added on the spot - because the dog would not move.

Sherlock and Molly. Sherlock S04 EP03 "The Final Problem". Season 4. Episode 3.

Sherlock and Molly. Sherlock "The Final Problem". Season Episode Even tho I ship johnlock, molly and Sherlock are so cute together


It's not just the Twilight cast! Here are 4 Harry Potter stars who also dated in real life. Read more on Movie Pilot, a site for fans!


"A BLUE gown. A BLUE GOWN! And her hair was up. Seriously, how hard was that? Who decided it was appropriate to Umbrige her gown? Hermione's not really a pink kind of gal!" As lovely as Emma looked in GoF, I do sort of agree with the color commentary.