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French love Gold flower filigree bangle $14
Omnia Oddities | The Celestial Galaxy Oracle in Brass
My favorite as far as arrangement by far! Doesn't need to have that many side stones, but i like the idea of one of the side stones being a light colored sapphire. In Platinum. Just love the pale combination of blue/green/grey in the side stones. Makes me think of the rain hitting the ocean...a cloudy, rainy sky:)
How to make your own twig bangle. Thin Gold Diamond Ring Pave Diamond Band Thin by MinimalVS
Emerald Dot Ring by #Friedasophie -
Free Crochet Pattern - African Flower Headwarmer | Whistle and Ivy
Te pictures are in the wrong order so it can be a bit confusing, but I think I can try this even though I'm not great at crochet
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