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Wild Strawberries and Delicious Red Apple Hair Clips by A Little Bit Craftsie via {Kid} independent.

Have to wrap my head round the shape of this baby knit - where soes it begin?? ~ Pembe örgü kız çocuk yelek

Baby vest (which I've seen called "Turkish Tabard"). At first sight I thought this little vest was seamless, but the sides are seamed from underarm to hem. Worked in one long piece, either back-to-front, or front-to-back ~ Pembe örgü kız çocuk yelek

Çiçekli örgü bere

Easy to women's knitted hat knitting pattern with skewers made ​​with plain weave construction with flowers is very easy and if you want.

Haroşa örgü ile yap boz tarzı battaniye modeli | Örgü Modelleri - Örgü Dantel Modelleri

purple-rose-emporium: “ Puzzle Pieces by Megan Ellinger on Ravelry “ A blanket designed with individually-knit puzzle pieces. Pattern includes center pieces, edge pieces, corners, layout and seaming.

Bayan örgü eldiven modelleri 2016

Bayan örgü eldiven modelleri 2016

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