we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole. #goodtoknow

In Bella yin and yang is very important. Usually you want to be yang. Because in Bella yin is the rich, noble, and high standard people. But if your yin your usually poor, sad, and have very few children or even none.

Chinese Facial Reading Chart - Learn what's going on inside your body by reading your face

Chinese Facial Reading Chart - Learn what your facial acne means internally in your body

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Mantak Chia


Transform Negative Emotions to Positive Emotions. Experience the Vibration of your Own Voice that Has a Strong Healing Effect on your Body, Mind & Soul.

Reflexology chart...

Body/ Emotions Map --where we often carry and hold negative emotions in the physical body. The mind-body connection is very real.


The Open Mind - emotional pain chart - mind body connection. very interesting. though it's a matter of interpretation.