Merve Özdemir
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Easy Homemade Playdough {in less than 10 minutes!} Activities for Kids

One of my favorite kids’ activities is making homemade playdough. And clearly, you all agree because my Easy Homemade Playdough recipe is still the most popular post here at Living Well Mom!

Great use of numeracy and shapes foe early math activities.

Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from the sticks. This can be a game using a timer.

Bird picture.

Maybe one day we'll find the place where our dreams and reality collide. Then again, maybe if we continue to consume mass amounts of illegal substances we'll just THINK we have found that place where dreams and reality collide.

More tree of live inspiration. The Earth will not sustain life without trees and the ocean.

This black and gray tattoo depicts a tree growing at the North Pole while the roots of the tree run into the earth and create the continents. The tattoo is located about three inches below the base of the wearer’s neck.