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Harpy Eagle (Thanks Bruce Hutchison)

Harpy Eagle ~The harpy eagle's legs can be as thick as a small child's wrist and their curved talons are larger than grizzly bear claws: 5 inches centimeters) long!


Sculptural Fashion - both delicate and hard sheer pleats; fashion architecture to look like buildings. Large cone pleats resemble the patterns on shells or the lightness of feathers on wings.

Ravenna's armor for Snow White and the Huntsman, by Colleen Atwood:

Me gusta el cuello para la capa - Ravenna's armour, with the wooden plague mask I am about to also pin, and braids, and let's do this.

Visual bem dark e contemporâneo em alta.

I don't know about you but I can't get in enough of all things leather that's dominating top runways and street fashion around the world. From jackets to dresses, leather is a MUST for the fashion forward crowd. These are my top looks.