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Enjoy life and laugh a bunch!

wind blown in New York // rooftops


Love this all teeth smile selfie.

Just so you guys know ...I'm fine and I'm all healed I had a memory loss for a little while ..but I'm happy now ..thanks for all the love -lauren

We're all golden sunflowers inside

Will you repost one of my pictures? Just started Tumblr and posting a lot of modeling photos :) Gla... Luca Hollestelle

❤️ Beautiful In Red.❤ Redheads ♥ ✿ レo √ 乇♡ Redhead Beauty ♡ Such a Lovely Smile (Luca Hollestelle by Agata Serge)

Drew Barrymore smiling with her whole face. Adorable. A child actor who's survived and flourished as an adult. Her extreme delight is always great to watch on film.

Drew Barrymore smiling with her whole face. I have always hated my smile and teeth. Now when I saw that Drew has that kind of smile also I started to feel more confident about it 😊

Love this loose pastel pink sweater!

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Elaine "Might be a sinner, and I might be a saint." I giggle. "Anyone want to go explore?" I say, humming the tune to R.P 2 My Youth.

Throw back your head & laugh.

TO ALL MY PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDS: I need a photo like this one with my sweet love Gerard

"Motherhood Mondays: game to make your child feel loved".cute article and "game" idea.


TAKE MORE PHOTOS - From above and behind! A fun idea for changing things up and keeping your kids engaged while you get great shots.