brush case rollup pattern from denim

Brush case rollup pattern from denim (adjust width for holding things other than brushes- like knitting needles, pencils, scissors, etc.

Here's a page with tutorials for making hundreds of different kinds of bags.  They look like nice ones, too!

Sewing Tutorial: Messenger Bag, Bag Lady Week project from "ocd: obsessive crafting disorder"

Mayfair Luxury Bed Linens-Custom Bedding by Matouk

Matouk Mayfair Bedding is easy to care for and looks stunning in your bedroom with diamond pique design and satin tape detail. Available in custom colors.

hilo刺繍教室 - Gallery

Original linen at Rose cottage

Matouk Terraza

We scout our products from top designers in the field: luxury bedding and bring you an oasis of comfort for your bed & bath.

a0d13d80ef5bc7491cd9f33080559af8.jpg (736×520)

a0d13d80ef5bc7491cd9f33080559af8.jpg (736×520)

Miyoki bileklik

Miyoki bileklik