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Bicycle Clock - This would be awesome to make.

Have an extra bike chain laying around? Use it to craft an eye-catching clock whose cogs turn in a timely fashion.

Constantinople was the capitol city of the Byzantine Empire. It was founded at AD 330.

History map of the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople. Illustrating Wall of old (Greek/Byzantium), Wall of Constantine Double Wall of Theodosius II Wall of Heraclius Wall of mediaeval Galata, Wall of the New Seraglio, Byzantine names.

Constantinople in the Byzantine period | Mavi Boncuk

Built in the seventh century BCE, the ancient city of Byzantium proved to be a valuable city for both the Greeks and Romans. Because it lay on the European side of the Strait of Bosporus, the Emperor Constantine.

16th century map of Soltaniyeh city by Matrakçı Nasuh

Matrakçı Nasuh- Map of Soltaniyeh-Beyan-i Menazil-i Sefer-i Irakeyn-i Sultan Suleyman, written circa (Istanbul University Library)