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IN-ON-AT: as a native English speaker, I don't think I've ever been explosed to the 'rules' for these prepositions before, and it's always neat to find out there's a system behind the way I speak!

Preposition pyramid - learning how to use prepositions

English grammar - prepositions

Now PLEASE come up with one explaining objects of prepositions.

present perfect - B1

English : The Present Perfect Tense - Simplified, Good infographic with flowcharts and other visual organizers that could be helpful for teaching intermediate proficiency or above ELLs the correct way to use the present perfect test.

The difference between Both, Either and Neither - English Grammar

Estudia ingl├ęs en Irlanda & Collins- the difference between Both, Either and Neither - English Grammar

The difference between DO, DOES, DID and DONE in English - #Grammar

The difference between Do, Does, Did and Done in English - Grammar Chart


You can connect ideas in a sentence with the conjunctions "and, but, and or." Use "and' to connect to or more items. The conjunction "or" shows two or more choices. The conjunction "but" shows two opposite or different ideas.

effective teaching

Effective Instructional Practices (Task 27 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Teachers. This poster offers many different ways to be an effective teacher. This could be a nice reminder for things to do outside of just teaching them content.

10 Phrasal verbs

10 Phrasal verbs

Use of Modal Verbs in English Grammar -

ESL Infographic - Understanding modals of necessity.

Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 38 At, in and on: Prepositions of place Good Grammar

I'm surprised by how many students use these incorrectly.