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9 DEPRESSION Massage These Points on the Top of Each Toe to Promote Serotonin Happiness Hormone 4 MIGRAINE Massage the Tips of Each Finger 7 INSOMNIA Massage This Point to Promote Relaxation and Induce Sleep 8 MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Massage This Point to Relax the Uterus and Reduce Pain During Menstruation RT to Save and Improve Lives httpstcoOXHKZenocl | Massage Meme on ME.ME

9. DEPRESSION Massage these points on the Top of each Toe to promote Serotonin (Happiness Hormone) 4. MIGRAINE Massage the Tips of each Finger. 7. INSOMNIA Massage this point to promote relaxation and induce sleep. 8. MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Massage this point to relax the Uterus and reduce pain during Menstruation. RT to save and improve lives https://t.co/OXHKZenocl from Twitter tagged as Massage Meme

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