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a person holding a sponge next to a ceramic mug
Mod Podge Resist: A Nontoxic Alternative to Shellac Resist for Ceramic Water Etching
the complete guide to mid - range glazes glazing and firing at cones
The Complete Guide for Mid-Range Firing by John Britt
Does Glaze Chemistry intimidate your? Try out this book!. Ever since I started firing electric, I've switch to mid-range and this is my glaze bible. This complete studio guide eliminates the guesswork from the process. Along with hundreds of recipes, it explores mixing, application, specific firing and cooling cycles, and all the factors that make glazes work. See how to boost colors with intense stains, washes, and underglazes; achieve stunning results. *Affiliate Link
instructions on how to use the kitchen faucet
different types of bowls and their names in english, chinese or japanese words are shown below
I Like Small Bowls · Craftwhack
two clay faces sitting next to each other
Clay Mug Sculpture
three tall vases sitting on top of a wooden floor
Artwork published by Greg411
Puzzle Vases
a model of a building made out of white paper on a brown background with space for text
3D Design: Staircases | Art Prof: Create & Critique
Student Artwork, Clara Lieu, Design Foundations, RISD Pre-College, Staircase Sculptures, foam board, 2017
a close up of a person touching an object with their hands on it's surface
Lorna Fraser - Ceramics
Inspired by nature.
someone is making a sculpture out of clay
many vases sitting on top of a table with holes in the middle one is empty
considering doing small pinch pots at the beginning of ceramics two. Maybe two different ones with two different types of lid construction and experimenting with texture. A quick beginner proj before jumping into teapots.
a white and blue bowl sitting on top of a table
Ruins Vases
Porcelain Mint Shop More
a close up of a cake made out of clay
My process with ceramic sculpture
coil built sculpture - Google Search
an instruction book on how to make paper vases and forms
Image result for slab pottery templates