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a pink background with the words short - out to the girl who understands spirital growth will never feel easy growth is painful
You have been faithful and full of faith but maybe this season has really ravaged your soul. I want to remind you today that this is not the end. 👉🏼You’re still believing, 👉🏼you’re still learning & growing, 👉🏼you’re still getting back up and fighting even when you don’t know if you can or even if you want to. We hold on and we wait to see the goodness God has stored up for those who love Him. We don’t want cheap, second hand faith that sounds nice but isn’t life altering, soul gripping ...
the text reads, i'm sure that someone is in love with him and he will make it clear
the text is written in black and white with an image of a cross on it
a pink background with flowers and the words i can do things through christ who straightens me
Philippians 4:13
the cover art for more of jesus's lost of me, featuring swirls
Warm colored Christian quote Wallpaper, Cute Bibles, Cute Bible Verses
Christian warm color aesthetic psalms 46:5