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Marina Abramović

The Intense Art Of Sneaking A Tampon Into The Office Bathroom

What are our bodies if nothing more than tampon mules, trafficking through the cubicled walls of the patriarchy's satellite office? The struggle, as explained by Marina Abramović.

bu mahalle bir denizkızı'na adanmak üzeredir..

bu mahalle bir denizkızı'na adanmak üzeredir..

children on a wasteground, 1950. porte de saint-cloud. Sabine Weiss



Pentecostal Women | contemporary, Tertullian (160-220 A.D.), vehemently criticizes women ...

“ . . . Not with Broided Hair”

Modern Apostolic believers give great emphasis to St. Paul’s teachings to the Corinthians concerning head covering and appropriate hair length; but increasingly, less attention is devoted to other ...