Buket Mihrinnisa Uygur

Buket Mihrinnisa Uygur

Buket Mihrinnisa Uygur
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Michal Trpak

These cement figures dangling from umbrellas within a narrow space inside the EBC office center in Prague are part of a installation titled Slight Uncertainty by Czech artist Michal Trpák. Check out much more of his sculptural work on his website.

from ad hoc nyc

Alex Kisilevich Uses Surrealist Imagery to Explore Disguises. I like this because it is unusual and very different from other things. It clearly shows a woman who has sort of been merged with a mop so it could show the stereotype of women being cleaners.

Izziyana Suhaimi

Izziyana Suhaimi is an incredibly talented artist from Singapore. These beautiful works are a mixture of illustration, watercolours and embroidery. Izziyana doesn't have any formal training in illustr