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an extreme close up shot of someone's eye with the reflection of another person
an image of a man's face with blood on the inside of his head
Is our skin just another digital interface?
a close up of an eye with blue and red paint on it's iris
Inspiration, Videos, Vampire, Fotografia, Aesthetic
lilia 🧚🏼‍♀️
a young boy sitting next to a dummy in front of a blue wall with the words kids wear vol 49 written on it
Meiré und Meiré
Scanners (1981) Film Posters, Films, Retro Film, Film, Movie Poster Art, Scanners, Album Art, Movie Posters
Scanners (1981)
a book with an image of a person's face and the title fierce dancing adventures in the underground
é: Photo
a movie poster with a man's face and the words requiem for a dream
More Alexander McQueen <3 Portraits, Portrait, Editorial, Photoshoot Concept, Black Photography, Fashion Photo
More Alexander McQueen <3
an image of a man with his face painted like a human being in front of him
Inferno: Alexander McQueen by Kent Baker, Melanie Rickey | Waterstones
Inferno: Alexander McQueen (Hardback)
McQueen F/W 2009
McQueen F/W 2009