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the different types of clouds are shown in this graphic style, and each one has its own color scheme
icon练习作品 @南诺Nanuo 邮箱...
an artistic landscape with trees and stairs leading to a door in the middle of a cliff
Dragon Hunters, Chasseurs de Dragons, de Guillaume Ivernel et Arthur Qwak
an image of some trees and rocks in the sky
Dragon Hunters
an abstract low poly design with trees and bushes
Little planet
Little planet by Alex Pushilin, via Behance
Little planet 2 Tiny Planet, Low Poly Games, 3d Motion, Tiny World, Game Design, 3d Computer Graphics, Low Poly, 3d Cinema
Little planet 2
Little planet 2
a green and white globe with lots of objects floating around in the air on a gray background
Educational game for tablets
Educational game for tablets on Behance
an image of different colored surfboards on a dark background with the words typosity above them
Planet typography
Exercise of typography inspired planets created based on circles and gradients.