Stella Bruwer

I hope you enjoyed that artist today. Tonight and Thursday, let's do STELLA BRUWER.

By Stella Bruwer white enamel cup, coffee pot and urn blue enamel cup.with lid white towel with red stripe cherries

♥ Lovely Stella Bruwer South Africa

♥ Lovely Stella Bruwer South Africa white enamel bucket with white lilacs sitting in wooden window frame

Art Painting by Stella Bruwer includes Roses in bucket, this example of Still Life has inspired this exceptionally talented artist. View other Paintings by Stella Bruwer in our Online Art Gallery.

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Artist ~ Stella Brawer This is very cool and also shares the same name as me so double cool

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- Stella Bruwer - I love her work. and she's from St Helena Bay, Western Cape SA.