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İrem Yıldırım
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Revolutionary Neato Burrito concept packaging.

Neato Burrito concept packaging designed by Kelsey Byrd, Haley Ellis, Marcus Mrazeck, Elizabeth Sweeney/student project

New Leaf Packaging Branding on Behance by Joy Allen curated by Packaging Diva PD. Branding and packaging for a fictional market catering to people with food allergies.

Packaging utilizes natural papers, but the typography is casual and feels as if someone personal wrote it. Provides no questions as to what each item is representing.

Quartz Champagne by Max Molitor & Cajza Nyden. Sweden.  Champagne is not supposed to be stored standing up.  The designers used this as the basis for the package design.  Designing the package so it won't allow the bottle to be stored upright is smart.All of the angles create this very interesting shape/form that is very appealing. The packaging is so interesting that the very minimal but succinct  label just accentuates the overall design.

Quartz Champagne (Student Project), Designers: Max Molitor & Cajza Nyde This package for the wine was designed by students in Sweden. Their goal was to create a easier way to carry wine around and a better/safer way for it to ship.

Moogurt // yogurt

ok this is kind of random and definitely for the future, but what if used yogurt style packaging to seal up little pods of cookies.