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Finally, innovation in the toaster space.

George Watson's Glide toaster concept is a sculptural reinterpretation of a kitchen appliance that has basically retained its identifiable, iconic shape since it was introduced in

Rotator Doubles Up As Shower And Bathtub - Woot

The Rotator is a unique bathtub and shower combination designed by Ron Arad for Italian company Teuco. You can use bathtub or shower by simply rotating the unit on the wall. After taking bath in the tub, simply rotate and the water drains out.

Podpad: | Community Post: 15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs

Podpad is a wall mounted desk & storage unit, a space saver. It's a workspace that holds your laptop, mail & desk junk plus it also houses a built-in sound system & charging station.

traf/ lambader/ lighting/ ebcim aydınlatma iletişim: i.turgayebcim@hotmail.com

traf/ lambader/ lighting/ ebcim aydınlatma iletişim: i.turgayebcim@hotmail.com

lamp, put the lamp on a soft felt base, then surround with wood or other materials to cove lamp metal

Gorgeous twig and branch light fixture, perfect for an eclectic living room. Treibholz Elke Paus- when we go to the beach we could collect these and I know I could make this!

Toulet foosball table by Adrien Lefebvre | Design Sketches

This ultramodern foosball table, designed for the renowned Toulet brand, is truly minimalist in stainless steel, chrome, and black satin laminate. It keeps things simple and

Hans Theo Baumann; Enameled Metal Lounge Chair for Vitra, Weim am Rhein, 1953-54.

design-is-fine: “ Hans Theo Baumann, Chair, Wire mesh with upholstery. Made for Vitra, Weil am Rhein. From the book Hans-Theo Baumann, kunst & design Via Arnoldsche Art.