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Wayuu Bags and Patterns

The Wayuu women are incredibly talented at crocheting beautiful wayuu bags and patterns. To the Wayuu, the patterns tell the story of their

Wayuu Crochet Patterns – WAYUU TRIBE | Handmade Wayuu Mochilas Boho Bags

Wayuu Bags and Patterns

Artisanal Wayuu Bags Handmade by the Wayuu Tribe. Wayuu Bags are available Brasil, USA, and worldwide. Information on the Wayuu Tribe and Making Wayuu Bags


50 Crochet Bag Patterns: This bag is quite different from the conventional huge shiny bags that you have become fed up of. In this pattern of crochet, multi

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I had great time with this pattern from The Perfect Knot, the Granny Square she wrote up is a perfect square, and I love perfect geometrics. This purse worked up very quickly too and testing the pattern for her pushed me to get it completely finished, thank goodness, because my life can currently be defined as a collection of works in progress.

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Bolsa Wayuu – WAYUU TRIBE | Handmade Bohemian Bags

Hermosa Collection Wayuu Bags Handmade by One Thread at a time. Una Hebra Wayuu Mochila Bags of the Finest Quality.

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Handmade Wayuu Boho Bags | WAYUU TRIBE Crochet Patterns, Fair Trade – WAYUU…

In my internet wanderings I stumbled upon mochila bags…it’s an understatement to say that I find them totally awesome!