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B 벤수 최소

İstanbul / 나는 한국의 팬입니다 :) 댄스, 음악을 듣고, 나의 가장 큰 취미 잠 ^^ 당분간은, 이들 :D
B 벤수 최소
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F(x) Amber @MCountdown : "Red Light"

F(x) Amber (aka biggest girl-crush ever) (original comment but still true) : "Red Light"

Yoonmin ♡

Find someone who'll look at you the way Jimin looks at Suga

This is so sweet. ^_^ Lol, except for BAEK'S! BAEKHYUN. Is that really any way to wish your fellow member a happy birthday? xP

EXO birthday greetings for chanyeol - Baekhyun is that what you call greeting ? Ah my heart Tao and Luhan. Imagine how the others must have felt when kris and them left