Ebru : Firdevs Çalkanoğlu Boyut : 35x50 Sümbül

Ebru : Firdevs Çalkanoğlu Boyut : Sümbül (Turkish-style marbling for paper)

Paper marbling, also known as Ebru, is a kind of Turkish art of painting, that needs immense practice, skill and creativity.

Painting on Water – A mesmerising art of Ebru!

As colours create magic on paper, so can they on water! It’s true that painting on water creates wonders. An art form that is so appealing and yet unknown to many. I was amazed to see how it is don…

Renato Crepaldi's hand-marbled papers from Brazil

Renato Crepaldi's hand-marbled papers from Brazil. I love hand-marbeled paper!

Ebru (marbling technique used in Ottoman Turk & Persian illuminated book pages)

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Esengul Inalpulat (©2005 artmajeur.com/kirmizi)

Esengul Inalpulat (©2005 artmajeur.com/kirmizi)

Art of Ebru. I think this art form is amazing.

Art of Ebru - Rumi Forum. This video demonstrates how some of the traditional turkish designs are produced, and gives some background to Ebru (the Turkish form of marbling)

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