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the building is made up of many different shapes and sizes, including triangles on it
wild bär heule architekten ag
Office and commercial building , Dübendorf | Wild Bär Heule architects
a person riding a bike in front of a building with large windows on the side
Archiweb - Hudební divadlo v Linci
Hudební divadlo v Linci - foto: Petr Šmídek, 2018
an entrance to a building with a yellow door
Kunsthaus Zurich Ek Binası - Arkitera
Kunsthaus Zurich Ek Binası - Arkitera
the outside of a building that has a sign on it
Flagship Stores / 時尚旗艦店
Prada / Shenzhen@Boutique by Kenzo*, via Flickr
a building that has the word hermes on it
architecture - Awesome Signage Design
Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere Hope you enjoy them - architecture
the front and side of an ice cream shop at night, with its lights on
FERRO & ASSOC. Architects Have Designed A New Location Of Lucciano's Ice Cream Café In Argentina
Materials used throughout this modern cafe include concrete, stone, wood, ceramic, marble, and iron. The sign on the exterior of the cafe has been 'cut-out' from the wood slat siding. #Signage #CafeDesign
two photos side by side with the same building in different colors and sizes, one is made out of wood
9 Design Ideas For Creative And Modern Wood Signs
The wood logo on the exterior of this wellness centre has been integrated into the wood siding.
a wooden building with the words hindak on it
A Vertical Wood Exterior Is the Face Of This New Korean BBQ Restaurant
HINOAK / Biasol
a building that has wooden slats on the front and side of it, along with brick
...şiirsel biçimde insan mesken tutar...
‘. . . poetically, Man dwells . . .’
an apartment building with wooden balconies on the roof
注文住宅の家づくり | CASE357中庭のある2世帯住宅
an orange door on the side of a building
木製ルーバーとシステムキッチンが決め手に!! 江戸川区篠崎町1丁目 リノベーション戸建 売却決済を24日(木)弊社にて行われた時に購入の決め手についてお尋ねいたしました。弊社Aくん 「どの辺をお気に召して…
a brick building with two arched windows on the front and side, along with an entry way leading to another building
SJB | 88 Harris Street – Architectural Style
SJB | 88 Harris Street, #differentarchitecturalstyle #Harris #SJB #Street