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the cross stitch pattern has been made to look like an animal with a suitcase on it's back
a white scarf with butterflies on it and the word estminci written in red
an embroidered towel with three pairs of eyeglasses hanging from it's side
two cross stitched hearts and bows on a white towel
an image of a sweater with succulents on it and the words instagramn
two pieces of embroidered cloth with hearts and flowers on them next to a potted plant
three handbags are hanging on a towel with tassels attached to the edge
#etamin #havlu #mutfak #fincan #kanaviçe
a white table cloth with cherries embroidered on the side and two red cherries attached to it
@igneme_dair_hersey instangram hesabım burası efendim buyurun
the cross stitch pattern is being displayed on an instagramtion page for people to use
a cross stitch pattern with two little mushrooms in a jar on the side and an umbrella over it
the back side of a cross stitch book with an image of cakes and flowers on it
the table is covered with different types of thread