Mountain of the Gods - Mount Nermut, Turkey

Mountain of the Gods --Ruins on Mount Nemrut, Turkey, burial site of kings, date from the first century B. These statues were made by the people of the ancient Kingdom of Commagene, located in SE Turkey near the Syrian Border.

Blue Pueblo, The Stone Mirror, Istanbul, Turkey

The Stone Mirror - Istanbul, Turkey. People named this "The Stone Mirror". The way the stone mirror reflects this building is really amazing. Definitely a place to visit.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Travel Pinspiration - 5 Famous Landmarks

I'd love to go middle eastern countries and see all the beautiful Mosques, each one is so different and unique, so magical and peaceful looking. Who needs beaches when there are such beautiful Mosques to see all over the world, MashAllah.

Harbour View, Alanya, Turkey

Family Friendly Places in Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

TOP 11 Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Cinematic View of Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey - Top 11 Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul, Turkey

Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul, Turkey - Check out the Blue Mosque, it is absolutely gorgeous!