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Still one of my favorite articles ever: The Moral Instinct - New York Times

'The Moral Instinct - New York Times' - Where most of the research came from for my concept. "Moral Illusion", "Primary Colours", "Hallmarks", Hallmarks of Morality" and a selection of quotes.

Hilarious sculpture on a hill in New Zealand (by Neil Dawson).

Horizons by Neil Dawson is a giant outdoor steel sculpture that gives the illusion of a windblown piece of paper resting on a hilltop. Dawson created the sculpture back in 1994 for Gibbs Farm, a outdoor sculpture collection in New Zealand.

I used to daydream about building these - so glad someone actually does it! [Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada]

41 crossing structures underpasses) help wildlife safely cross the busy Trans-Canada Hwy. 11 species - including bears, elk & cougar - use these crossing structures.

Color-changing charidotella sexpunctata.

The Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata bicolor, often called Metriona bicolor, changes color from gold to red when excited. Larvae with their protective fecal parasols, are common on Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea) and related plants.

From Simone Smith's "half-embalmed" collection.

Gallery of Work for Half Embalmed: The Art of Simone Smith

Andrey Pavlov's ant photos.

non-toxic pest control for the eco-home Here are some natural and non-toxic alternatives to keep household pests at bay

Avian cephalopod

Octopus eats seagull in pictures snapped by amateur photographer Ginger Mornea


Photographer Markus Reugel recently captured this incredibly sharp photo of Earth in a water drop using his trademark set-up. Called Falling Earth, it's the latest in his ongoing series titled Refractions. There is a map in the background

creepy-fancy underwater fortress.

Underwater Ballroom ~ underwater conservatory/smoking room with aquarium windows adorned with lake-level statue located on Whitaker Wright's former Lea Park estate in Surrey, England