Kustaa Saksi, Finnish, fabric design for Marimekko

Kustaa for Marimekko: Merivuokko (sea anemone) print, inspired by the rhythm, colors & atmosphere of the sea floor.

Arabic Calligraphy Painting. "And He is with you"

This looks like something that Emily may create. She is interested in islamic culture, as stated before. Along with this, the painting shown has a nice touch of modern art mixed with ancient islamic art.

Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ - Silks for the Sultans - текстиль из музея Топкапы, Стамбул

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites - Early century textile from the book, Silks for the Sultans - Textile Museum of Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey.

holy islamic ~ arabic calligraphy

The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty.

99 names of Allah Painting by Saima Salman #painting #arabic #islam

99 Names Of Allah Greeting Card for Sale by Saima Salman

99 names of Allah Painting by Saima Salman or Salma Arastu from Your True Greetings