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an image of a brochure with information about the creature and its name on it
an image of a spider with yellow spots on it's face and back side
the page features an image of a creature with its mouth open
The Skógarvörn - A Mean, Green, Yeeting Machine
the back cover of a book with an image of a monster on it
Bogmangler: The Ambushing Plant-Ghoul of the Swamplands (Revised/Final).
an image of a page from a book with monsters in the background and text on it
Dreameater - Magically Growing Monstrosity
a page with an image of a skeleton character
Bone Golem
an image of a computer screen with some animals on it's side and the text wild creator below
RavnicaCardsConverted: Photo
the back side of an art book with text on it and images of characters in costume
Sylvan Stalker - post
an image of a website page with a wolf on it's back and the text below
an image of a bull attacking another animal
an image of a page from the book monster horosh, with information about it
Mossy Horror - A Forest Predator (Comments and Criticism Appreciated)
the page is shown with an image of a dragon on it's back side
an image of a creature with horns on it's head
Enraged Ceratok