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three different colored speakers sitting next to each other on a white surface with one speaker in the middle
Boom Boom Records in Binauric 3D Sound - Design Milk
Designer Mathieu Lehanneur calls his wireless audio device "technological food", inspired by the shape and size of his favorite fruits.
several different types of usb devices sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
emptyMemory USB Jewelry
If the pastel shades of the Kähler USB jewelry weren't to your liking, perhaps these hand polished stainless steel sculptural memory sticks by Logical Art will do it for you in the avant garde tech department. um please i love this
there is a bottle that has some toothbrushes in it and a plant inside
Twist & Spout
water bottle + attachment = watering can
two rolls of white and blue tape sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
A Redesigned, Minimalist Tape Dispenser
A Redesigned, Minimalist Tape Dispenser in style fashion home furnishings Category Product Design #productdesign
a pair of clothes hangers on a white wall next to a black string and wooden stick
Y002 <レザーレースハンガー> 木と革ひもをつないだだけのとてもシンプルな構成。… 고무로 된 줄이 옷의 형태에 따라 자리를 잡아서 옷걸이에 옷의 형태가 유지 되는 것이 아니라 옷에의해 옷걸이의 형태가 미세하게 변한다
the instructions for how to use an umbrella holder with two handles and one handle on each side
Umbrellocked - Yanko Design
Somewhere in a parallel universe lies a civilization of #umbrellas that just escaped from earth. I swear, I’ve lost at least 20 umbrellas in my life. They just vanish, apparently. I’m not the only one, apparently. Because now designers got together and created an umbrella with a lock. Yes! The umbrella handle has an inbuilt lock (like a bicycle lock) that extends outwards and allows you to loop and secure it around any pole, railing, or piece of #furniture.
three different images of luggage tags with the same name on them, and one has a pen
Tear And Share USB - Yanko Design
Handy and sustainable design for Tear and Share USB Keys, crafted from 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp.
three different pictures of cactus shaped cups and saucers, one being placed on top of the other
Cacti Coasters by designer Clive Roddy is a clever way to store your coasters when they’re not in use.