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Iwatobi Swim Club -Rei Ryugazaki See this is what I want in a man: Glasses Reads Surrounded by butterflies and flowers (Duh!

Iwatobi Swim Club biggest plot twist / either that or that one time he didn't pack a swimsuit

Eternal Summer - Characters Mook Rin & Sousuke - Characters Mook Nagisa & Rei - Characters Mook Aiichirou & Momotarou - Characters Mook Haruka & Makoto >>> These are all my ships side by side.

Secretly there like long lost cousins or something, both descending from a very ragey man. << Lol yes XD Haru & Eren - Free! & Attack on Titan

I know most people think that this anime is just for all the fan trash out there (and I am still a steaming pile of fan trash) I actually love this anime for the characters and not the super sexy six packs (altho It does contribute ;