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Curtailing the use of plastic and improving recycling and waste systems would put a serious dent within the plastics entering the environment, but not every plastic is definitely recyclable and a few will still likely make their way into rivers, soil and seas.

Plastic Pollution | Plastic Pollution Poster Environment | Environmental Pollution Poster Plastic bags | Plastic Pollution Sea | Zero Waste Lifestyle

#ZeroWasteLifestyle -Plastic Pollution | Plastic Pollution Poster Environment | Plastic Pollution Sea
three different views of an empty cup and saucer on a white surface with cookies in the middle
A Drinkware Set Inspired By Gestures - Design Milk
a person wearing a yellow jacket and blue jeans sitting on top of a white box
Keep reaching for the stars in your daydreams, space girls!
an image of two people kissing with the words it feels like we only go backwards baby, every part of me says go ahead i've got my hopes up again
Surreal Collages Revealing the Absurdity of Popular Culture
the_kiss_13x23cm Sammy Slabbinck,
a single red rose sitting on top of an open book with pages scattered around it
10 Dicas rápidas sobre maquiagem
Lindo plano de fundo para celular #wallpaper #ios #phone #iphone #android #cell #planodefundo #papeldeparede #nature #flower #rose
an artistic sculpture made out of beads and string hanging from the ceiling in a room
anne mondro
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an artistic piece of art made out of wire and wood with chairs in the background
a tree with red balloons hanging from it's branches in an art gallery,
The Shiny Squirrel
Balon ağaç
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with her hair blowing in the wind
septagonstudios: Andreas Lie SEE
the ceiling is covered with balloons and lights
the shadow sculpture is shown in multiple different positions, including shadows and silhouettes on it
Who is this? #who
four plates with black and white designs on them
Fine Lines Porcelain Dinnerware Collection par Cheeky Home - Journal du Design
Cheeky Home, basée aux États-Unis, conçoit de la vaisselle à la fois en papier et en porcelaine dans le but de moderniser l’art de la table et réunir à nou