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o how to make one - the final product is self explanatory.The BOM:* a base - two wooden planks* pipes - ***brass straight tee ( ***brass to reducer, ***steel flange, brass female to female connector,

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"You can't be aware of everything. You'd fall down the stairs if you were aware of every intricate thing involved in going down stairs" - ALAN ALDA - (Clever wire stairs

The only way i'd let chickens roam my garden...

chickens in their DIY chicken tunnel. We live in a residential area, so to keep the chickens protected from hawks, dogs and other predators (and to keep them out of our neighbor's yard) we hook up their portable play-pen to the run and let them range.

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If not need space, here is an inventive idea to make your lettuce vertical garden ! It& mainly made with repurposed materials such as plastic water bottl