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a leaf that is laying on the ground with text reading how to make metal leaves
DIY Metal Leaves made into 1 awesome wreath - Country Design Style
there are two pieces of copper that have been cut in half and placed on top of each other
How to Build a DIY Copper Trellis for Your Garden
a person holding an orange hose with their feet on the ground in front of them
How to Bend Copper Tubing: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
an ornate metal light switch cover with two birds on it
"Switch Plate Cover and Made, Flower, Haiti, Handmade From Recycle Oil Drum 7\" x 9.5\""
"Lighting, Use the screws from your old switch plate cover to hang up your new one. If they seem to shiny or bright to you, tone them down with a little black sharpie marker applied to the screw head. We won't spill the beans on your secret. This switch plate cover has been clear-coated, but if it is exposed to the elements, you may want to use a little spray-on enamel about once a year to keep it looking glossy and fresh. Each unique fair trade metal sculpture is hand- cut from recycled 55- gal
a person is working on some metal art with a large ruler and scissors in front of them
Metal Embossing pewter art tutorials for beginners
Learn the art of pewter and metal embossing in our free online tutorials
there are many different metal tags with words on them that say soldering iron fun
Easy Stamped Soldered Pendants Tutorial | Soldering Iron Jewelry! Laura Beth Love
Easy Stamped Soldered Pendants Tutorial | Soldering Iron Jewelry! - YouTube
the instructions for how to draw a bird with different shapes and sizes, including wings
DIY Tomato Puree Bird Decoration
two metal birds sitting on top of a red wooden table next to each other and one is flying
Crista Cobern — Rogene Manas Mixed Media Artist
several aluminum cans are stacked on top of each other with the words ink removal from soda cans
Ink Removal From Soda Cans