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Did the Soviets Actually Build a Better Space Shuttle? - Popular Mechanics

Buran and Space Shuttle. Buran (snow storm) flew only once, powered into orbit by the Energia. Unlike the NASA orbiter which had main engines on the orbiter itself in addition to the SRB's, the Buran received all of its boost into space from the Energia.

Einen Uni-Abschluss in Geschichte machen

From the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Made in : The Histomap. Four thousand years of world history. High resolution image in MrSID format can be obtained here.

Cihan mâtem tutup kan ağlasın Abdülazîz Hân’a Meded Allâh, mübârek cismi boyandı kızıl kâna!.. Nasıl hemşîresi bu Âdile yanmaz o hâkâna, Ki kıydı bunca zâlimler karındaş-ı cihân-bâna…

Sultan Abdulaziz of Ottoman

A Hand-Colored Photo of Sultan Abdulaziz (Reign;

Ottoman Empire, Ottomans, Steampunk

Greco-Turk.jpg (1024×724)

Greco-Turkish War, The Greco-Turkish War of was fought between Greece and the Turkish National Movement during the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire after World War I between May.

Frozen German dead at Stalingrad (Winter 1943)

Frozen German dead at Stalingrad (Winter This is merely a tiny fraction of the human cost the German nation paid for the colossal blunder (and injustice) of invading the Soviet Union.