para mi es un vestido, mi espectativa es que sea naranjo, veremos si lo termino [ "Posts on the topic of вязание added by Елена Максименко", "Want to knit this wonderful dress for my daughter.", "Love this dress.

How to Knit Pockets - Craftfoxes good clear instructions with step by step pictures to help people like me who need more than plain text sometimes to understand the instructions


Found on a Russian knitting site that I could not figure out how to Pin to my board. So I copied and saved it.

Simple lace knitting STITCH ~ Looks like bees. I don't know what the symbol at the left side of the repeat is.


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First Impressions Baby Girls' Double-Breasted Striped Hooded Sweater, Only at Macy's - Sweaters - Kids & Baby - Macy's

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quote quanessa: sweater for her husband (the spokes) nuo Svetlana Zayats - - Mail Mail.

Baby Overalls with detailed cabled bodice and matching sweater Knitting pattern by OGE Knitwear Designs

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