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İtalya Fesleğen, makarna, domates

nice 17 Food Flags for the Sydney International Food Festival ! To promote the Sydney International Food Festival, which is Australia’s largest food festival which had almost a million attendees last year and che.

Vietnam Ramputan, liçi, yıldız meyvesi

Vietnam served this dish with Lychee, starfruit and rambutan to resemble like the Country flag.

Japonya Ton balığı, pilav

Whybin/TBWA were commissioned to create this series of images showcasing a countries national flag composed of the foods and ingredients endemic to that particular country. The collection forms pa…

İspanya Acılı sosis, pilav

İspanya Acılı sosis, pilav

Fransa Blue cheese, brie peyniri, üzüm

Fransa Blue cheese, brie peyniri, üzüm

Çin Pitaya, yıldız meyvesi

These 17 flags made of food will make you ravenously hungry

Brezilya Muz yaprağı, misket limon, ananas, çarkıfelek meyvesi

Add dessert to your dinner tonight and don't spend a moment feeling bad about it. Dietician and TODAY contributor Joy Bauer shared three chocolate dessert recipes from viewers that are made with guilt-free ingredients.

Amerika Sosisli sandviç, ketçap, hardal

July is Hot Dog Month. No wonder, Americans eat more than 16 billion hot dogs each year - 150 million of them on the of July!