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✯MasterCollection✯ 1st Board on Pinterest Dedicated to Kaaba. The Kaaba (Arabic: الكعبة‎ al-Kaʿbah IPA: [ælˈkæʕbɐ], "The Cube"), also known as al-Kaʿbah l-Mušarrafah (الكعبة المشرفة; "The Noble Cube"), al-Baytu l-ʿAtīq (البيت العتيق; "The Primordial House"), or al-Baytu l-Ḥarām (البيت الحرام; "The Sacred/Forbidden House") is a cuboid building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the most sacred site in Islam.[1] The building has a mosque ("Masjid") built around it, the Masjid ... (Wiki)
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Of Mecca in the sun shining spirituality take this snapshot of the house of Rahman

Muslims’ Dream, Mecca (Makkah) The Holy City Of Muslims Saudi Arabia J'irai volontier la bas !

May Allah SWA grant us all the chance to be able to be there one day inshallah.


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Holy Kaaba by ashamandour

Photo by: Abdulhameed Shamandour Location: Mecca Saudi Arabia a beautiful shot has been taken by Mr.