Jar Covers - inspiration only.

Jar Covers - Remove jar lid and use these lovely crocheted jar covers. Perfect for room deodorizer. Fill jar half-way with fresh baking soda, then add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. When scent fades just shake to refresh.

Bracelet ou collier. Crocheter autour de petits ronds de métal et enfiler.

Crochet Circles for Necklace or Bracelet cute mexican folk art style crochet necklace craft idea - start mith metal "circles," sc around until completely covered, fasten. Why not just crochet tiny sc circles and skip the metal center?

Vous avez un vieux Jeans? Pas la peine de le jeter! Voici des idées de récupération de jeans qui vont vous épater! ♥ #epinglercpartager

Des idées récup' de vieux Jeans

Olá meninas, tudo bem? Segue nas fotos abaixo 16 squares e inspirações para você que ama crochet! Olha quanta coisa lida!! Me diz qual m...

16 squares de crochet e ideias que você precisa ter

y around the strip starting and ending in one corner. Then to create the loops to go around the curtain rod, I chained ten up from that corner, skipped 4 stitches and single crocheted one, chained ten, skipped sc on.

poulette !

Crochet rooster magnets without the rooster part we used to have fruit slices hit pads growing up.

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