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a person typing on a laptop with the text, this is how to explain gap in employment
This Is How to Explain Gaps in Employment
Struggling with how to explain employment gaps during interviews? We've got you covered with three essential tips to help you shine as the standout candidate you are! 🌟
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup of coffee and pen
100 Job Interview Questions & Answers
Feel like you're wandering aimlessly on your job interview journey? We're here to help you navigate! Explore these crucial questions, and learn the art of answering them effectively. Gear up to awe your interviewers using our handy advice and tactics! 👔💼🎯
an image of a poster with the words 6 things to bring to your job interview monster
Things to Bring to Your Job Interview
Do you have a job interview coming up? Don't forget to bring these things with you!
the words 5 creative questions you should ask in an interview on top of a purple background
Creative Interview Questions
You won’t stand out from other candidates by asking boilerplate interview questions. Asking these not-so-standard questions will show you went that extra mile
a man and woman talking to each other with the text 10 ways to improve interview performance
Improve your Interview Performance
There are no second chances to make a great first impression! These tips can help boost your interview performance…and your chances of landing that dream job
a person sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words monster recruit tips for handling the
Recruiter tips to handle the weakness question
Oh no 😩 …it’s the dreaded “weakness” job interview question. No need to cringe! Here’s how to answer it smartly, with confidence, and without sounding phony
Did the interviewer really just ask you that 🤦 ? There are certain questions that are illegal but are sometimes asked. Here’s how to spot them and how you can respond Civil Rights
Illegal Interview Questions
Did the interviewer really just ask you that 🤦 ? There are certain questions that are illegal but are sometimes asked. Here’s how to spot them and how you can respond
a man in a suit writing on a piece of paper with the words sell me this pen
Interview Questions: "Sell me this pen"
The next time you're asked to “sell me this pen” in a job interview, don’t see it as a trap but as an opportunity to show how well you can handle the challenge.
a woman is smiling and holding her hand out to another person with the words, how to prepare for an interview quickly?
How to prepare for an interview in under 24 hours
Wondering how to prepare for an interview when you’ve been given next to no heads up? Read on!
two people sitting at a table with laptops and papers in front of them that says,'why do you want to change jobs? '
How to Answer the Question 'Why Do You Want to Change Jobs?'
Honesty is key during the interview process, but you'll want to be prepared with how you respond to this common question and make sure you stay focused on the future. Find out how to answer here!
a man in a blue suit holding a microphone with the caption tell me about yourself how to answer this interview question
Interview Questions: "Tell me about yourself"
Don't get tripped up on this common interview question! We've got tips to help you understand what the interviewer is really looking for when they ask this question and how to best respond here.
a woman shaking hands with a man in front of her and the words common interview questions & how to answer them
Internship Interview Questions
Still in the process of securing your summer internship? Don't stress! These sample interview questions and tips on how to prepare your response will set you up for success.
a woman sitting at a table talking to a man who is holding papers in front of her
How to Know if an Interview Went Well
Prepping for an interview can be stressful but wondering how you really did after is even more nerve-wracking. Here are several ways to know to know if an interview went well.
Job Interview - Interviewing the Employer
Your next job interview isn't just an opportunity to sell yourself, you also want to ask questions to the hiring manager to make sure the company is the right fit for you. Here's how to do it the right way!
🚩 For Women Job Seekers
If you’re seeking an employer that supports and empowers women, you’ll want to keep an eye out for red flags as you go through the interview process.